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MVA Physical Therapy Toronto

We treat motor vehicle accident-related injuries with tailored-fit approaches and care. Physiomount’s multidisciplinary team specializes in assessing and treating injuries sustained due to a motor vehicle accident (MVA). Our services are available to patients of all ages, from children to adults.

Motor Vehicle Accidents
We consider motor vehicle accidents as a tragedy that can alter one’s view of life. Depending on the effects, some patients are left hopeless and in a dilemma. At Physiomount, we display great concern towards our patients with a determination to help them get back on their feet. We provide specialized MVA Physical Therapy in Toronto for several injuries such as Whiplash, headache, dizziness, sleep problems, and low back pain.

Also known as cervical strain/sprain, or hyperextension, Whiplash is the most common injury of the soft tissue triggered by motor vehicle accidents. Symptoms may include; sharp neck pains, back pain, neck and shoulder stiffness, jaw issues, concentration problems, tinnitus etc.
You ought to know that motor vehicle accidents cause a number of effects; fractures, sprains, soreness, swelling, and joints and muscles’ stiffness. Without reliable intervention, permanent disability is a possible result.

MVA Physical Therapy for Motor Vehicle Injuries
We offer quality therapy for various injuries resulting from Motor Vehicle Accidents. Our MVA Physical Therapy Toronto involves proper assessment and treatment plans. Whether orthopedic or neurological rehabilitation, we ensure that your MVA treatment plan is effective.
Our treatment plans include acupuncture, physical therapy, immobilization (braces, splints, or casts), or a combination of these treatments. Our one-stop rehab centre provides all required services such as imaging, diagnosis, therapy, and care for your convenience.

Some health insurance companies have limitations on covering injury treatments caused by accidents. Therefore, try to contact your health insurance provider to determine the type of services to be covered.

motor vehicle accident related injuries care

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