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Orthopedic Physiotherapy

The orthopedic system comprises of bones, muscles, joints, tendons, and ligaments. In case of an injury, dislocation, or a fracture, one may experience pain, swelling, weakness, stiffness, or immobility. Orthopedic physiotherapy Scarborough treatment focuses on improving function and elimination of pain. This treatment may be prescribed to treat hip, knee, shoulder, arm, spine, foot, and wrist conditions.

Physiomount uses different manually applied techniques to help treat several musculoskeletal conditions as explained below;

Joint mobilization: It is a skilled passive movement of the articular surfaces performed by a physiotherapist to decrease pain and increase joint mobility.
A trained therapist helps detect the cause of limited motion and identify and Classify joint Dysfunction based on the assessments and design treatment intervention using different approaches such as mobilizing, stretching, and strengthening.

Grades I and II: “Neurophysiological effect used daily to treat pain” – pain relief through neuromodulation on the sensory innervation of the joint mechanoreceptors and pain receptors – ”gates pain achieved by the inhibition of transmission of nociceptive stimuli at the spinal cord and brain stem level – neutralizes joint pressures – prevents grinding.

Orthopedic Physiotherapy
Orthopedic Physiotherapy

Grades III-V

– “Mechanical effect used 3-5 times/week to treat stiffness or hypomobility”

  • Increase ROM through promotion of capsular mobility and plastic deformation
  • Mechanical distention and/or stretching of shortened tissue

Soft tissue mobilization/Release therapy:

Our Orthopedic Physiotherapy Scarborough therapist uses hands-on techniques on your muscle, ligament and fascia to break adhesions that form within as a result of trauma, surgery, immobilization or repetitive stress and strain. Release along these structures stimulates tissue regeneration, releasing the tension, improving blood circulation and optimize muscle function.

Exercise therapy: It is one of the mainstays of Physiotherapy care. Therapeutic exercise is prescribed by one of the trained therapists depending on the goals of the treatment and level of functional abilities. Each client is assessed and prescribed targeted exercise, which is meant to perform in a clinical setting and as part of the home exercise program. Exercise therapy includes stretching, strengthening, balance and coordination exercises.

Post Surgery Rehabilitation therapy: Our experienced Physiotherapist is dedicated only towards post-surgical cases such as hip replacement, Knee replacement, shoulder replacement surgeries. There’s specialized physiotherapy protocol Rehabilitation program for various types of post ligament repair surgeries for shoulder, hip, knee and ankle joints.

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