Neurological Physiotherapy Services

Physiomount offers Neurological Physiotherapy Services in North York and Toronto, administered by a team of registered and licensed physiotherapists, medical assistants, and support staff. We believe that excellence in the non-invasive treatment of neurological conditions is achievable with integrity, value, and commitment.

The nervous system is a complex part of the human body that facilitates body coordination and sensory functions. Injury to this system can cause functional and movement disorders, conditions like stroke, acquired brain injury, multiple sclerosis, immobility, Ataxia, Parkinson’s disease, spinal cord injury.

Our therapist will assess and analyze the body movements, communicate with patients and create a treatment plan.

Our therapist will work to improve your:

  • Range of motion
  • Mobility in bed
  • Standing up from a chair
  • Bed transfer to a wheelchair
  • Balancing with or without aid
  • Walking and running
  • Climbing on stairs
  • Strengthen quality movement
  • Postural control

Neurological conditions affect the brain, spinal cord, and nerves that impact bodily movement. There may be difficulty moving a muscle, attaining balance, and speaking. These symptoms vary per person. Get treated with the right Neuro Physiotherapy in North York at Physiomount. Our focus is on you and your recovery. We offer a comprehensive array of Neurological Physiotherapy Services in North York to help you overcome your neurological injury or illness. Our neuro therapists in North York and Scarborough have advanced training and expertise in working with physical rehabilitation technology to ensure good results.

What You Must Know
Neurological disorders lead to loss of motion, weakening of the muscle, motor control loss, balance, and stamina loss. Our therapist will help you build a mind-body relationship to restore proper body function and give you back control over it.

When a part of the body remains unusable, the muscle can shrivel. To prevent this deterioration, promote muscle growth and increase the muscle’s strength, our therapist will advise exercises. The duration of your treatment will be discussed in your assessment. Depending on the findings and guidance, you can inform us of the appropriate treatment.

Neurological Physiotherapy

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