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Neurological Physiotherapy Services

Neurological Physiotherapy is a non-invasive treatment for neurological conditions. The nervous system is a complex part of a human being facilitating coordination and sensory functions of the body. Injuries or impairments to the system paves the way to neurological conditions that include; functional and movement disorders.

Some of the conditions that can be treated by Neurological Physiotherapy include; stroke, multiple sclerosis, immobility, Ataxia, acquired brain injury, Parkinson’s disease, spinal cord injury etc.

What You Ought to Know!

People suffering from neurological disorders commonly find themselves with a loss of motion, muscle weakness, loss of motor control, loss of balance and stamina. The therapist uses hands-on therapy to build a mind-body relationship to help restore motor function and give the patient back the control they may have lost. When a person does not use a part of their body for an extended period, the muscle can begin to atrophy. To prevent the muscle from deteriorating, the therapist will assist the patient in several exercises that will promote muscle growth and increase the muscle’s strength. This is often a part of therapy that takes the most time.

The duration of your treatment will be discussed with your physiotherapist on the day of your initial assessment. Depending on what the findings are, and what your goals are, you will have the opportunity to talk about what type of treatment is most appropriate and how many weeks you should start with.

Treatment Approach to Neurological Physiotherapy

Neurological issues have a varying impact on patients. Generally, Physiomount’s Neurological Physiotherapy Services in Toronto are tailored-fit for a patient. Our physiotherapists work with realistic goals, and besides, you may be recommended to use supportive equipment. We develop flexible physiotherapy programs conducted at home or our centre. Sitting and walking activities, simple and repetitive exercises are used during therapy. With our expertise, we ensure that you get back on your feet in a short while. Access high-quality Neurological Physiotherapy Services in Toronto at Physiomount.

Neurological Physiotherapy

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