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If you got injured at work, there might be chances for your treatment covered by the Workplace Safety and Insurance Board (WSIB). Please ensure your workplace is under WSIB. After getting hurt, you first need to report your injury in the workplace injury incident report. Then visit a health care provider who is registered to treat WSIB injuries.

Physiomount offers world-class WSIB Rehabilitation in Toronto. We have partnered with patients, insurance adjusters, and insurance companies to provide you with the entire treatment. Additionally, we can submit a WSIB rehabilitation Toronto insurance claim on your behalf to give you the best service.
Contact Physiomount for WSIB Rehabilitation in Toronto. Book your initial assessment. Our Registered Physiotherapist will examine your workplace-related injury and determine the most effective treatment, including a plan, recovery, and follow-up appointments.
Workplace injuries can happen at any moment. They need rehabilitation based on the intensity of the damage.

Common Work-Related Injury Causes

  • Slips, Trips, and falls.
  • Stress or overexertion.
  • Accident with objects and equipment.
  • Body strain from repetitive physical tasks like pushing or lifting.

There will be therapies like manual therapy, acupuncture, massage, and exercises that will

  • Remove your pain.
  • Provide you strength & flexibility.
  • Improve your body functionality and coordination.
  • Offer you advice to prevent workplace injury.

Our goal is to provide you with the best treatment under WSIB. If you are a healthcare or factory worker with a neck problem, bad back, or shoulder, our WSIB Rehabilitation in Toronto can treat your injury.

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