Sports Injury Physiotherapy

Professional athletes or regular sports players are all prone to injuries. The injury that happened while playing sports is called a sports injury. Minor injuries may require no medical care, but immediate attention is necessary if the not-so-important wound is not healing or the damage is significant. Get the support of Physiomount’s sports injury physiotherapy in North York for your quick recovery and get back to the sport of your choice. We have recovered sports lovers from several injuries like a pulled muscle, torn ACL & torn MCL, shin splints, sprained ankle, hip bursitis, Achilles, tendonitis, concussion, runner’s knee.

Preventing Injury
We advise you to follow these ways to avoid injury.

  • Warming up before practicing or playing the game.
  • Engaging in regular sports training.
  • Cross-training to avoid the muscle group from becoming overused.
  • Following a healthy diet to maintain body weight.
  • Staying hydrated.
  • Wearing proper sports gear like helmets and joint pads.
Sports Injury
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Physical Therapy

Taking physical therapy is advised if the prevention methods do not relieve. Schedule your sports injury physiotherapy in North York and Scarborough sessions with Physiomount. The chances of making a full recovery in a shorter period are high.

Everybody is unique in their own ways. We understand the body’s design and provide sports physiotherapy that immediately begins your healing. We provide complete physical care and treatment, putting your health and physical goals in mind. The continued support you need at the moment will let you experience the benefits of visiting Physiomount. Post-treatment, you will learn to perform therapeutic stretches and exercises. Every treatment is based on the latest techniques and prescriptions befitting a patient. Some judgment points will be your fitness level and your lifestyle.

Your physiotherapy plan may include manual therapy. It will help increase the range of motion, reduce scar tissue, and improve body mobility. We will perform a diagnostic exam based on the injury and review those tests.

Another treatment technique like athletic taping and other therapeutic routines can be part of your physiotherapy plan to improve stability and function. All these will help you recover from your sports injury.

Have you sustained a sports injury? Please make an appointment at Physiomount. Our sports injury specialists are ready for you.

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