Registered Massage Therapy

Our challenging lives overstress us, and we need to unwind. But HOW?
A relaxing massage is a good idea, right?
At Physiomount, our registered massage therapists in Scarborough and North York will perform a rejuvenating therapeutic massage that can eliminate your stress, muscle tension, etc. Therapeutic massages deal with back pain, headaches, tendinopathy, arthritis, muscle spasms, and sports injuries. Our massage therapists in Scarborough and North York will perform a full-body check-up to progress with the next step. After which, they will ensure that the massage therapy in Scarborough and North York you sign up for gives you the full benefit.

All massage therapies work on soft tissues and muscles. Our goal is to rejuvenate you; we decide the massage type according to your body condition. Our experienced massage therapists of Scarborough will use hands, fingers, elbows, forearms, and feet to perform long strokes deep, circular movements by tapping and vibrating. Deep tissue massage Scarborough.

Cupping: The handheld cups are placed on the body to create a vacuum and reduce tension. The tight muscles become soft, and the restrictive connective tissues get lifted. The suction cups ensure a proper seal between the skin and the cup, improving hydration and blood flow to the body’s tissues. There are physiological effects of cupping, e.g. it reduces cortisol in the body. Since the temperature of the body increases during cupping, the muscles and tension levels get relaxed and lowered, respectively.

Hot Stone Massage: We specialize in offering hot stone massage therapy near you. This method enhances circulation metabolism, eases muscle stiffness, relaxes muscles deeply, and eliminates tension. Our team of well-experienced massage therapist with a professional attitude in Scarborough can customize a massage therapy plan to meet your needs.

Physiomount takes exceptional care of clients and staff in the interest of health and safety.
It’s time to experience a service meant for you. Massage therapy in Scarborough.

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