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Registered Massage Therapy Scarborough

Massage Therapy is considered to be more than just an alternative therapy. Over the years, this hands-on treatment approach has provided significant improvements in patients of various conditions. Massage Therapy’s benefits are beyond relieving stress and tension to providing relaxation. Through manipulation, the body’s soft tissues and muscles are improved. Whether your goal is rehabilitation or relaxation, our Massage Therapy in Scarborough at Physiomount is excellent for optimal benefits.

Major Massage Therapy Types
Massage therapy encompasses a wide range of techniques where therapists manipulate the soft tissue and the muscles. They mostly use hands and fingers, but they may also utilize their elbows, forearms, and feet. Therapists use kneading, long strokes, deep circular movements tapping, and vibration. Athletes may significantly meet their needs with sports massage.

Cupping: It is a type of massage where handheld cups are used. By placing suction cups on the body, a partial vacuum is created to reduce tension. Also, tight muscles are softened, and the restrictive connective tissues are lifted. Cupping can be used on any body region by ensuring a seal between the skin and the cup. These methodologies improve hydration, move deep inflammation to the skin surface, and blood flow to the body’s tissues.
Importantly, massage therapy has positive physiological effects on the body, like reduced cortisol in the body. Since cupping increases temperatures, muscles are relaxed, and the tension levels are lowered.

Hot Stone Massage: We are specialists in Hot Stone Massage Therapy in Scarborough. We have a team of well-experienced therapists with a professional attitude towards patients. Our Hot Stone Massage skills are proven to increase circulation, metabolism, ease muscle stiffness, provide deeper muscle relaxation, and eliminate tension.

Depending on your condition, we customize our massage therapy plans to meet your needs and improve your life quality.

Massage Therapy

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